Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a cleaning method for textiles using solvents. The technique is the same as wet washing (laundry) but instead of using soap and water, it's replaced with cleaning solvents.

Does Julian's Dry Cleaners use Eco-Friendly chemicals?

For a sustainable future, we use SYSTEMK4 dry cleaning process. SYSTEMK4 offers an innovative and highly efficient cleaning procedure for textile care that is unparalleled. We take responsibility for the protection of human health and our environment. That is why all components of SYSTEMK4 are produced in such a way that they fulfill stringent, statutory environmental regulations. This is achieved without giving up the best cleaning results.

When can I expect my clothes?

Blossom Rd & East Ridge Rd Our normal turnaround for items is 3 days. Same Day Service is available Monday-Saturday if brought in before 9:30 AM. (Excludes shirt laundering on Saturdays but can be done at an extra charge). Next Day Service is available at no extra charge Monday- Friday. (Excludes shirt laundering on Fridays after 9:30 AM but can be done at an extra charge) Brighton, Henrietta, Latta and West Ridge Rd. Our normal turnaround for items is 4 days. Same Day Service is available Monday-Friday if brought in before 8:00 AM at no extra charge. Next Day service is available Monday-Thursday at no extra charge

Can you remove this stain?

Unfortunately, not all spot removal is guaranteed. When you have a spot or stain it is best to to attempt tp remove it yourself. It is always safe to blot a stain with a clean cloth or napkin, but you shouldn't rub the area. It is very helpful to let us know what exactly caused the stain. This allows our experts to use the proper procedure. We are certified spot removal. That means we use the industry's leading processes and procedures to care for your clothes. As a result, your clothes look vibrant and clean and feel soft and fresh. We constantly train our staff to remove spots and stains.

This spot wasn't here when I brought it in?!

There are many types of stains that sre not visible prior to cleaning that can be activated during the dry clean process and can leave your garment with an easily noticeable stain. These are called "invisible stains." Invisible stains are the most frequent problem we face st the dry cleaners. These stains are caused by a reaction between the heat of our drying/pressing process and sugar-based or oil-based stain.

What is starch?

Starch is used to stiffen clothes as well as to help remove dirt and sweat.

What is your policy on redoing an item?

Sometimes things need a second chance! We will gladly redo an item for any reason you can think of. Whether it is for stain removal, pressing, or anythiing you're not happy with, we will redo your item free of charge. In order for us to process a redo we require the original receipt attached to clothing bag.

What happens if an item is misplaced or damaged?

At Julian's we do our absolute best to ensure that 100% of your items are returned to you in better condition than they were received. In the event that something is every lost or damaged please hold on to your original receipt for that specific order and contact one of our store locations.