Where it All Began...

Julian's Dry Cleaners was originally founded in the 1940s by John Julian.

At a very young age, John began learning the necessary skills to run a successful dry cleaning business from his three brothers. When his brothers retired and sold the company, John used his knowledge and reputation to open Julian's Dry Cleaners on Blossom Rd.


The Julian Sons

After following in their Fathers footsteps, John and Joe have successfully maintained the loyalty, client rapport, and superior quality service. The staff at Julian’s Dry Cleaning believes in accountability and hands-on family management. Not only do the Julian brothers themselves work at Julian’s Dry Cleaning, but their children do as well! 


The Third Generation

Both John & Joe Julian's sons have decided to continue to build on the reputation and business their family has established. Ashton, Austin, and Dylan look forward to making their grandfather and fathers proud.