Safe Dry Cleaning

Green Dry Cleaning with SYSTEMK4For a sustainable future, JULIAN'S Cleaners and Laundromat uses the SYSTEMK4 Dry Cleaning process. SYSTEMK4 offers an innovative and highly efficient cleaning procedure for textile care that is unparalleled. SYSTEMK4 is a system with multiple advantages!

We take responsibility for the protection of human health and our environment. That is why all components of SYSTEMK4 are produced in such a way that they fulfill stringent, statutory environmental regulations. This is achieved without giving up the best cleaning results.


  • is an environmentally friendly and absolutely safe cleaning process,
  • does not pose a risk to air, water, human beings, and soil,
  • provides the same effectiveness, and sometimes even better than perc (perchlorethylene),
  • is a biodegradable solvent that offers excellent cleaning quality,
  • is non-toxic,
  • has been dermatologically tested with the very good results,
  • is an excellent cleaning agent for water soluble and lipophilic stains (fats, greases, and oil),
  • provides a gentle cleaning solution for textiles,
  • is more powerful than all the previous cleaning technologies,
  • is very pleasant and provides a smooth feel, and
  • leaves cleaned textiles odorless.

Double Inspection on ALL Garments


Home of the Double Inspection Guarantee

All garments are double inspected to ensure the highest standard of quality possible. If you're not 100% satisfied, please return the garment and we will redo it at no extra cost to you.